Reading in wiki

Here we develop and share thoughts on what folks outside the federation of wiki-writing need to be aware of, to be comfortable navigating in a wiki lineup.

For communicating to others in the pod we post news here Reading in wiki news We all have a page with this name.

For starters we'll just list in ad hoc fashion, things that come to mind as we write this wiki. Later we may rationalise and categorise this list.

Marc Pierson has some thoughts on How-to-read-content How to read content (navigate)

Navigating in the page lineup

👉 The lineup - Instead of fresh pages opening in fresh browser windows, they open to the right of the page whose link you clicked, in the same window. This is called a page lineup.

👉 Zooming - If the lineup gets quite full, zooming out can display more pages.

👉 Left-right arrow keys - If a page in the lineup disappears off the left or right side, the arrow keys will shift focus left or right within the lineup. This will reveal pages scrolled off the screen.

👉 Back - Use the back button in the browser, if you've altered the page lineup by clicking a link, and want it back as it was.

> If your operating system allows swiping gestures, this is very fast way of flipping thro links on a page, which stays in place in the lineup.

👉 Shift-click - To open a new page to the right of the lineup. This keeps all the pages that are already in the lineup.

👉 Drag a page left-right by its top margin - so that the pages you're interested in are next to each other.

👉 Drag a page off the screen - by its top margin - when you no longer want it in the lineup.

Search and meta-information

👉 <Search> in the bottom toolbar displays page references with matching fields. Clicking on one of these opens it to the right of the lineup.

👉 <Hamburger menu> in the bottom toolbar displays a set of meta-information options, including display Recent changes

👉 Rosters - Clicking on >> in a roster will add these sites to the neighborhood. This increases the search space accessed thro <Search>