Making wiki work

Here we develop and share thoughts on how to make, and how folks in general can learn to make wiki work for them.

We develop the following aspects. Currently they live in this wiki. They might hive off, as they become more expansive.

Wiki(ing) - Things that may help people become more capable and comfortable, both Reading in wiki and Writing in wiki. Eventually, this will become the basis of a kind of 'college' of wiki(ing). This is a key part of what we need to offer our members.

> wiki has some basic principles that give it a character and make it distinctive. We collect them here [wiki principles](

Podding - Things that we need to figure out, about how to do 'podding' as a wiki-based collaborative practice which makes and shares understandings, agreements and capabilities. This is a pivotal element in REALLY skilful Writing in wiki. Spreading this 'literacy', as a vernacular capability in a somewhat tech digital medium, is the basic rationale for

> For purposes of podding, we publish a few streams of News in makewiki

Cafe FAQ - Things that ought to be in the front-end, to help readers figure out what offers, what is involved in membership and how to become a member.

Coop-commons protocols - Things that eventually will need to be in a coop handbook which describes the practice of the collective - both user members and operational members - in provisioning, enjoying and stewarding the commons of digital spaces.

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